Working Group 1: Coordination & Involvement of Stakeholders

Working Group 1

WG1 has the critical role of coordinating the work of the other WGs and ensuring that effective interaction among them occurs.

WG1 will promote coordination primarily at the partner meetings and electronically via e-mail or web meetings. To ensure effective communication at least one member of each WG should participate in WG1 to serve as liaison officer between WG1 and their WGs.

A crucial task of WG1 would be to attract the interest and the involvement of new relevant stakeholders in addition to those that were already backing this Action as secondary proposers.

Within WG1, a subgroup of members will be assigned to this role and will be headed by the dedicated Stakeholder Coordinator (SC) of this Action. Last but not least, WG1 in connection with WG5 will coordinate the efforts to set up the International BLCM Society.


  • T1.1: Set up collaboration and coordination of this Action activities
  • T1.2: Collect information on the potential stakeholders to involve on the Action in due course.
  • T1.3: Establish the International Society for the application of BLCMs in Life Sciences.

WG1 Members

Paolo Eusebi
WG1 Leader & MC Member
Regione Umbria
Jörn Klein
WG1 Active Co-leader & MC Member
University of Southeast Norway
Arianna Comin
WG4 Co-leader & MC Member
National Veterinary Institute - SVA
David Faraggi
MC Member
University of Haifa, Israel
Eleftherios Meletis
Grant Holder Manager
University of Thessaly
Marcel Leppée
STSM Coordinator & MC Member
Institute for Healthy Ageing
Matthew Denwood
Vice Chair & WG3 Leader & MC Member
University of Copenhagen
Matthias Greiner
MC Substitute
German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR)
Polychronis Kostoulas
Action Chair
University of Thessaly