Working Groups

Working Groups
WG1 has the critical role of coordinating the work of the other WGs and ensuring that effective interaction among them occurs. WG1 will promote coordination primarily at the partner meetings and electronically via e-mail or web meetings.
Initially, WG2 will summarize the existing BLCM methodology for the estimation of the Se and Sp of the diagnostic tests. Subsequently, WG2 will identify existing gaps and propose modifications to the available methods to cover these gaps.
WG3 will focus on BLCM methods for estimating the true prevalence of disease by accounting for the imperfect Se and Sp of the diagnostic process. These methods will capture the hierarchical structure of the data.
The work of WG4 is strongly linked to WG3. The updated BLCMs methods of WG3 will be modified under WG4 to be used for calculating the probability of disease freedom, as well as the probability of not exceeding pre-specified critical thresholds of true prevalence at each compartmental level.
WG5 has the critical task of maintaining communications with all relevant stakeholders and policy makers. WG5 will also ensure that the methods developed under WG2, WG3 and WG4 are effectively disseminated to the broader scientific community.