About Harmony

Objectives of the Action

Objectives of the Action

The overarching objective of HARMONY is to enable valid prevalence comparisons across Europe and beyond.

Hence, main aim of this COST Action is to coordinate and promote the implementation of BLCMs through networking and knowledge transfer between BLCM experts and researchers working in statistics, epidemiology, diagnostics and population health.

Specifically, HARMONY aims to:

  • (a) increase the visibility and collaboration of BLCM researchers,
  • (b) promote stakeholder engagement,
  • (c) provide training and networking opportunities for researchers,
  • (d) create separate training opportunities for policy makers and stakeholders,
  • (e) establish a free online BLCMs repository,
  •  (f) set up an International society for BLCMs and
  • (g) organize the first international conference of this society.