Statistical models for infectious diseases epidemiology

Statistical models for infectious diseases epidemiology

16 September, 2021 
- 17 September, 2021
Venue: Piazzale Gambuli 1 - Edificio A - Piano 0 (Ellisse) 06132 Sant'Andrea delle Fratte Perugia, Italy


The Action members from Italy are organizing a two-day training school, hosted in Perugia, Italy [16 – 17 September  2021].

Paolo Eusebi, Fabrizio Stracci and Luca Scrucca  are organizing a two-day training school. 

The training school will be delivered with physical presence and all eligible physically attending participants will be reimbursed according to COST rules. 

The Action’s MC has decided that Action members (MC members/substitutes, WG members) have a priority to join/register over non-Action-members. 

Registration details
Where to Register:      
Deadline for registration: Sunday 5 September 2021
SOS: The first eligible 15 participants will receive an official invitation from e-COST

You can find more details on the training school in the attached agenda. 
Please do not hesitate to contact Eleftherios Meletis ( or Paolo Eusebi ( for any further clarifications.

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