Robertas Alzbutas

Robertas Alzbutas

MC Substitute

Area of expertise
Advanced Safety Assessment Methodologies, Bayesian Analysis, Probabilistic Dynamics, Structural analysis, Joint Evaluation of
Connected Health Technologies, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Human Reliability, Smart Wearable Sport and Health Solutions, Reliability Engineering, Extreme Events Analysis, Design and Optimization, Structural analysis, Uncertainty analysis, Risk and hazard analysis, Nuclear fusion research, Integrated Risk-Informed Decision Making

Area of interest
Coordination of New International Projects

Current research task
Probabilistic assessment of resistance parameters for COVID-19 related decisions. The project’s activities would aim to determine the relevant resistance parameters, derive relevant formulas, acquire new knowledge and create probabilistic models, software tools and use the available data to evaluate the probabilistic parameters and their accuracy. The mathematical theory of reliability, random processes, survival and epidemiology, mathematical data analysis and statistical methods (e. g. Bayesian methods, various probabilistic distributions) will be applied in the analysis and modeling of events and dynamics. If necessary, big data analytics and applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning will be used

Kaunas University of Technology